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Losing That Anxious Feeling

Many of us are all too familiar with it – that looming, overwhelming feeling – anxiety.

With Mental Health Awareness month underway, we’re touching on why anxiety has become so widespread lately, and a proven mindset shift for more joy-filled days!


By design, we’re a connection-based species; throughout history having worked & lived in “tribes” & fending for one another. But a quick scroll through Instagram and you’ll see how drastically our modern American culture has shifted to emphasize much more individualist ideals – sending us down a rabbit hole in our own minds.

We’re set up to feel constant pangs of competition rather than collaboration, promoted by media to give us a sense of independence but inevitably leaving us feeling empty & chasing after more and more.

The author of Lost Connections, Johann Hari, researched this phenomenon at length, & found that one of the most important ways to ease depression & anxiety is by doing something for others. (You can read more about his research here & listen to his study on the 10% Happier podcast here.)

Aside from the fact that being community-oriented is in our nature, giving to others is a great way to out of your own head and into the present. Personally, it reminds me of the early roots of Just Hit Send.


Growing up, I would think of reasons to send care packages to far-away friends, whether they were sick or could just use cheering up. Shopping around town, composing just the right items into a perfect gift, & shipping it off with a note – it was the easiest way to send a gift back then. (Now, you can Just Hit Send :) )



It’s easy to fall into anxious feelings amidst our ad & social media filled days – but this simple mindset shift is a proven way to lighten your mood, even if just for the day.


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