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Four Ways to Go Green this Spring

As an individual, being eco-friendly can seem overwhelming at times - but making one or two small changes in your daily routine can have a great impact! Here are 4 ways you can start on the path to being eco-friendly this Spring:


  • 1) Grow fresh herbs in your kitchen instead of buying them packaged at the store. Bonus – your kitchen will smell fresh all year round! You can help your friends get started with the Primavera gift, featuring a fresh sage grow-kit that fits right on the window sill.



  • 2) Encourage the decision-makers at your company to cut out high-waste promotional items like wristbands & pens – and opt instead for something lasting this year. A durable, reusable tumbler like the ones featured on our site can be branded with your logo – and best of all, recipients will be carrying it with them wherever they go for years to come! Ask us how we can make your next corporate gifts more eco-friendly.



  • 3) Switch from plastic bottled water to Boxed water. If you like to have individual waters for guests at home or the office, we love this brand: BoxedWaterIsBetter. From stocking the conference room at work to stashing in wedding welcome gifts – boxed water is a modern twist that shows you care and have good taste!

boxed water


  • 4) Avoid items made with palm oil - when shopping for candles, food, or beauty products. Palm oil production involves harming endangered forests & the species that live in them. We love partnering with brands that take an ethical & sustainable approach to crafting their product - like Slow North candles made from USA-Grown Soy wax, & Moonrivers Naturals body products made from all-natural & organic ingredients. So you can gift sustainably, too!


Calendula Mask

Moonriver Soak

You're already doing right by the planet if you're a Just Hit Send shopper; we donate to plant trees with every gift sold via OneTreePlanted - so you're helping create change every time you hit "send". Thank you - and happy Earth Week!


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