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Embracing Tradition this Fall

This fall feels more welcome than most; a change of seasons is just what we’ve all needed!

And now more than ever it’s important to embrace our traditions & the people around us, and to send care wherever we can. 

That’s why our fall gift collection was inspired by all things comfort & tradition – from a cozy Chai Latte-themed gift to the nostalgia of a freshly baked breakfast & morning coffee!


The "Latte Da" gift: reminiscent of a brisk day with a warm latte in hand, and the scent of cedar & piñon in the air. With crisp ginger cookies, a trendy plaid, flannel mask & bright red reusable tote – they’ll be well-equipped to embrace the colors of the season in style!



The “Sugar + Spice” Gift: What’s more comforting than freshly-baked pastries & a warm cup of coffee?

Best of all, these cinnamon sugar doughnuts are designed to be baked rather than fried, are crafted by artisan chefs, & only require a few additions to whip up! Warm up any home in a few clicks.



The "Mocha" Gift: What's more traditional than chocolate around the holidays? But this assortment takes it up a notch! With unique, artisanal, chocolatey treats & an earthy, herbal candle – it's specifically designed to impress - while keeping cheer & comfort in mind!



The "Shine On" Gift: Most traditions immediately bring to mind gathering around the table with family & friends - and that's just what the Shine On gift celebrates.

With cheerful, festive accessories to share, this package keeps even the most socially distant gatherings bright, and keeps them feeling joyful long after it's unwrapped.



See the full seasonal collection here - happy sending!


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