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Earth Day in Full Color

What a pivotal time to be on Earth! This year, we’ve been privy to witnessing the planet enjoying a small break & breath of fresh air – the grass is greener, the skies are bluer, and the flowers seem more vibrant.


With all the time we’ve had to reflect on the blooming Spring around us this year, we thought it would be fitting to design gifts that mirror the refreshing colors of the Earth, in all of its ebbs & flows! See what each gift was inspired by below:



Brightside, Citrus Soothe & Dear Mom,

With more time to watch (and appreciate) the sunsets, we chose a gradient of deep orange hues & light, creamy yellows for our “Brightside”, “Citrus Soothe”, & “Dear Mom,” gifts:



All Rosy

The tulips, bluebonnets, & roses in Texas have been lifting spirits on a daily basis! Our “All Rosy” gift is a cheerful tribute to the poignant pinks around us.



Herbal Elixir & Saveur

Speaking of nature, we can’t forget the gardens that are popping up all over town (perhaps in your own yard or patio)! Our “Herbal Elixir” & “Saveur” gifts are a nod to the fresh, organic elements of the season.



At Just Hit Send, we try to do our part year-round to help keep pollution out of the environment; with 100% eco-friendly & biodegradable gift packaging, careful selection of eco-conscious gift items, and a donation to plant trees with every gift sold to counteract the effects of shipping (via OneTreePlanted.)


So no matter which gift you choose to send, you can be sure that all items (from candles to chocolates & treats, to bath soak & hand cream) are chosen for their organic, all-natural & sustainable properties -

You’re only sending the best every time you Just Hit “Send”!


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