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Distant, But Not Disconnected Part II

Don't let distance keep you from staying connected to far-away friends & family; these 3 gifts are designed to keep you feeling close!

As the world begins to reopen, we can breathe a cautious sigh of relief to finally be able to see close family and friends that have been missed over the last year!

But as we slowly reconnect, it still may feel too soon to travel to those far-away friends & family whom we also dearly miss!

The “new normal” has many people feeling disconnected from those we used to see even just a few times a year - now relegated to birthday texts and virtual hugs.

At Just Hit Send, we know that gifts are an amazing, thoughtful way to stay connected and show that you care; it’s why our service was created!

So while you may not be able to make it to your nephew’s first birthday, a cousin’s graduation, or to see a friend’s new home, sending a meaningful gift keeps you connected in a fresh new way, and will make them feel close to you - even from afar!


With so many gift options on the market, we designed Just Hit Send gifts specifically to create meaningful memories & moments

Offering unique, artisan products & brands that each have a story behind them; some items in the gift are chosen for immediate enjoyment, and others as lasting keepsake, for the perfect combo.

Below are a few of our top gift picks for missed milestones. For more info on each item inside the gifts, click through to read their full description & send to someone you'd love to reconnect with!

For babies growing quickly: "First Birthday Safari"

Send to babies 6mo+ who are quickly becoming a toddlers!

For New Homes that Need Warming: "Sunday Morning"

With freshly roasted coffee & a spiced doughnut mix, the Sunday Morning gift also makes for a great care package, birthday gift, or fun family activity for bakers!

For major missed milestones (engagements, weddings, & other exciting news!): "Cheers to You":

Don't let distance keep you from raising a glass to their most exciting moments!

No matter the moment or the distance, know that Just Hit Send is here for you - so you can be there for them!


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