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Distant, But Not Disconnected

Keep your team & clients feeling connected to your company, it’s mission, and each other.

With remote work affecting nearly every industry this year, it’s more important than ever to make your team & clients feel connected to your company, it’s mission, and each other -

We're sharing three ways that our clients use gifting in their business year-round, and how it can benefit your overall company goals:

1) On-boarding & Welcome Gifts

Without the ease of heading out for welcome lunch, your team can just as easily make a new hire feel a part of their new community for the same cost (or less) -

Sending a custom, on-brand gift when a team member joins the company, or a new resident or tenant moves into your properties, invokes a sense of belonging; your personal note inside is the cherry on top to make them feel truly valued (and best of all, there’s no need to stock & manage inventory on custom merchandise items!)


Just Hit Send is here to handle all the details of your custom gifts – from designing the perfect package, to stocking inventory, personalizing your notes, and packing & shipping. So when you’re ready to welcome them, all you have to do is well, Just Hit “Send”!


2) Client Closings

As business owners, we know how much you & your team appreciate each client & each sale – so show them!

A thoughtful, personal gift is the ideal way to thank clients, show them you’re on their side, & also, keep them coming back -

Whether you or your sales team choose to send a small token or a grand gesture - let us handle the details so you can focus on sales, knowing your gifts are going out right on time & making you look good.


3) Birthdays & Milestones

Don’t spend another minute (or use your staff’s valuable time!) rushing to the store, or last-minute online searching for birthday, new baby, and milestone gifts. We’ve got you!

With 2-3 day shipping on every order, as-needed ordering via our ready-to-send or Create gifts, and the option to set up a recurring gift selection specifically for your needs - the team at Just Hit Send is here to make sure you’re sending thoughtful, impressive & meaningful gifts every time. Phew!


Click here to get started on your recurring gifts for 2021!


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