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Corporate Gifting Unwrapped

When it comes to corporate & client gifting, there’s no need to send the same-ol’ gift year after year!

Putting thought into the message you want to send - about your brand, your tone, & your sentiment - is the key to sending a gift that makes a lasting impression, and keeps your company top of mind year-round.

So put the bottle of red to rest, & ask yourself these 3 questions to pick the gift that’s right for your brand:

1) What message do we want to send about our brand?

The bottom line – if your company isn’t stuffy, your gifts shouldn’t be either! Sending a modern, on-trend gift shows that your company stays fresh & in touch with what’s new & relevant in your field, or in your community. 

2) What’s the reason for sending a gift?

Is it to stay top of mind, to continue an ongoing relationship, or purely to say “thank you”?

Sending a collection of items as in a gift box allows for a unique composition that can speak directly to the reason for sending.

At Just Hit Send, we tailor the tone of the gift to express your exact sentiment - and can even tie in your company’s mission, all through curated items.

3) What matters to our recipient?

Sending something just for the sake of it can often be a waste of time, money, and even be lost on the recipient. So make sure it’s something they’ll be thrilled to receive!

When you work with our team at Just Hit Send, we’ll help you deep-dive into who your recipients are & what they would love for the particular occasion – to ensure that the gifts you send are exciting & right on the mark!

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