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Care Packages: 101

When it comes to care packages, the age-old question remains: is it the thought that counts?

Our answer is - yes, and no -

Sending or giving anything to show care is meaningful and works wonders to turn someone’s day around! But when you want the thought to be just right and extra special, here are our favorite tips: 

  • Combine personal items with something cheerful & unexpected, to guarantee a smile on their face! These whimsical puzzles & playful chocolate flavors will do just the trick.



  • It’s always safe to stick with comforting items like honey, tea, or a cozy mug if someone’s feeling under the weather; select a color-coordinating palette for an extra enticing unboxing experience!




In the end, sending a care package is so much more than its’ contents – it can banish feelings of loneliness, & create a connection with someone who may be needing it most!

So send anything you think will cheer them up most, & don't forget that throughout all of this, we’re here for you, so you can be there for them. 

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