3 Tips to Make Mother's Day Special

During these uncertain times, moms may be feeling disconnected from those they love – which makes it even more important to send something special that will make her feel cared for & appreciated!


Here are our three tips for picking the gift that will make her feel most special & connected to you this Mother’s Day:


1) Give her something she wants, not something she needs! Mother’s Day is a holiday for spoiling & celebrating – so make sure you pick fun items that she’ll be excited to receive.


You can use our create feature to pick & choose from over 100 special gift items ranging from Rose Geranium bath soak, to artisanal chocolates, to jigsaw puzzles to create a special gift designed to spoil, pamper, and bring joy!


2) Pick a gift tailored to her specific interests; sending something that shows how well you know her will make her feel especially thought of & cared for.


Our Mother’s Day collection has gifts tailored to several at-home interests; does she love to cook or bake, journal, or maybe take sunset walks with wine? We’ve got gifts for that!


3) Consider other special women in your life or motherly figures outside of your family; mentors, teachers, or women who have inspired you. They’ll appreciate being thought of during this time!


Shop the full collection here & Just Hit Send by May 4th!


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