3 Times it's Appropriate to Shop Off-Registry!

(And even encouraged!) 

Whether you’re shopping for a wedding or a baby shower, picking the perfect gift can be daunting - you want show how special your friendship is, and appropriately celebrate the guest(s) of honor!


There are times the registry is a great tool, but if they didn’t register or, you’re just not feeling anything listed on it – don’t despair! It’s completely acceptable to shop & send gifts off-registry, and here are the three times we’d say it’s actually recommended:


1) The registry is picked-over

Maybe you waited a little late to shop, or maybe they didn’t register for much to begin with -

Or maybe the only items left are too small, or top dollar; that’s the perfect opportunity to shop for something else - a gift that you’re actually excited to send!




2) The registry items don’t feel special enough

There are times we’ve scrolled a registry that was mostly household or necessity items, like diapers & gift cards -

and while those are much-needed options, you may want to shop off-registry for a close friend & pick something really special & celebratory, that they'll be thrilled to receive!


If you’re shopping at Just Hit Send, that may mean a baby gift packed with a plush Jellycat animal they’ll cherish for years to come, like the We are Family gift 

Or, a cheerful collection of celebratory items that will always remind them of you, like the Cheers to You gift!



3) You know the recipient well - & want to give something else!

At the end of the day, gifts are meaningful because you give them meaning!

It’s always best to send something you actually want to give, and if you know the recipient well enough, feel free to shop off registry and pick something you think they’ll like best.

They'll love it either way, because it's from you!


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And celebratory gifts here!


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